Love is love is love...

Welcome to Benée Rubin Jewelry Design. If you're looking for unique, beautiful, hand-crafted necklaces and jewelry for couples, you've come to the right place. Our designs are inspired by the loving bond between committed couples. And because we believe "love is love is love", you'll find gorgeous couples' necklaces options whether you are part of the straight or LGBT communities. We also have stunning necklace designs for those connected to the military and/or wishing to express their religious commitment.

Our unique two-piece necklaces can be worn together by one person,or a couple may choose to each wear a half. Each of these designs comes with two pendants, with two chains, for just that purpose. They’re a wonderful way to express the love and spiritual connection that a couple shares. (Remove the and) .Our large variety of designs and styles make it easy to find a beautiful piece for any man,woman or child.

The Asian influenced Yin-Yang necklace sets are another hugely popular choice, as is our official replica of the Oneness Mandala worn by Jet Li and Carla Gugino in the film “The One”. Chris Klamer, owner of the original two-piece necklace worn in the movie, has designated Benée Rubin Jewelry Design as the official replica maker of this necklace. From two-piece necklaces for couples to engagement rings, wedding bands, cufflinks and custom designed jewelry, we stand behind every piece we create with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.