Jet Li Mandala

The One-ness Mandala, 18kt  Gold Plated Bronze

The One-ness Mandala, 18kt Gold Plated Bronze


The "Oneness" Mandala necklace is a bright, colorful, two-part necklace set, like the piece worn by Jet Li and Carla Gugino in the 2001 film, The One. Chris Klamer, owner of the Mandala necklace used in the film, has chosen us to craft the "Oneness" Mandala necklace in its likeness.

Our Mandala is handcrafted and hand-colored in the four temple areas with enamel, surrrounding the lotus flower in its center. It is available in gold-plated bronze or sterling silver. Give one piece to a loved one or wear them together!

The word "Mandala" is Sanskrit for "circle." Yet, they are much more than mere circles. Mandalas are ancient patterns drawn in an attempt to display the idea of a divine oneness that transcends the bounds of the physical world, the journey towards a cosmic spiritual center.

Mandalas have been used as meditation aids in the practice of Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries. Their circular designs are drawn to symbolize the spiritual order of the universe, all existence stemming from one central focal point. It is in this center of the Mandala that one places symbols of that which one deems worthy of meditating upon.

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The One-ness Mandala, Sterling Silver

The One-ness Mandala, Sterling Silver



The One-ness Mandala, Sterling Silver. Oxydized. Matte finshed